7 Reasons for a rural getaway in Aranda de Duero

Publicado el día 14/07/2022

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Imagen de Vadocondes, vista del río junto a las casas

Whether in summer or winter, escaping to the countryside is always tempting and appetising.

As a couple, with family or friends, spending a few days or a weekend in rural accommodation is a perfect experience.

And our destination – Aranda de Duero and all the surrounding villages – is the ideal setting for one (or more) of these getaways.

But in case you are still not sure, here are a few reasons why you should start planning a rural getaway in the area of Aranda de Duero, where our house with swimming pool is located.


1- Activities for all tastes


Aranda de Duero and the surrounding villages such as Vadocondes, where our house is located, offer a wide range of activities.

During your rural getaway, you can enjoy a wide variety of alternatives. From visiting wineries in Aranda de Duero, doing activities in nature, tasting the gastronomy of Aranda de Duero, visiting beautiful villages in Ribera del Duero or simply relaxing and disconnecting…

After your getaway you will have so many things to do or you will have disconnected so much, that you will surely want to repeat your rural getaway in Aranda de Duero on more than one occasion. We assure you.



Visiting wineries in Ribera de Duero can be a perfect plan. Photo: Bodegas Valsotillo

2- Ideal for family or group travel


Staying in a house in a rural environment allows you to enjoy a group experience that is not possible in other types of accommodation such as a hotel.

Have breakfast or dinner in the fresh air on the terrace all together.

Roast some lamb chops on the barbecue while you take a dip in the pool.

Let the children play in the garden while the adults chat quietly with a glass of Ribera de Duero wine in their hands…

An irresistible plan, don’t you think?

Now that we are all so eager to get together again. Being able to share with family and friends a few days together in a house seems to us a great reason.

And if you are travelling as a couple, it is also a great option. You can rent a rural flat like ours, where you will have total privacy and a perfect base to explore the Ribera del Duero.


Our house with swimming pool in Vadocondes, near Aranda de Duero

3- Enjoying a house with a swimming pool near Aranda de Duero


Yes, spending a few days of disconnection in a house with a swimming pool can be in itself a great reason to visit Aranda de Duero and the surrounding area.

Imagine yourself taking a dip when you wake up and then having a good breakfast with local bread in the garden.

Or dive into the swimming pool after an intense day touring Ribera del Duero.

Our house in Vadocondes has a wonderful garden with a swimming pool that you won’t want to leave.



The garden of our house with swimming pool in Vadocondes, near Aranda de Duero. The pool is open from spring to autumn.

4- Relaxing, disconnecting and enjoying the silence


The tranquillity of going for a morning walk in a village like ours, Vadocondes. Or recharge your batteries by taking a walk along the Duero path.

Having a snack in the village square, while the children run around playing with other children.

Smell the morning dew.

Breathing fresh air.

The feeling of being in a house where time stands still, in the open air, surrounded by nature, far from cities, traffic and daily stress.

Do we need more reasons?


Vineyards in Vadocondes


5- Savouring the gastronomy of Aranda de Duero


Delighting in the gastronomic offer of Aranda de Duero and the surrounding area is one of the great reasons to visit.

Enjoy the legendary traditional wood-roasted suckling lamb churro with a salad and a portion of black pudding.

That village bread with a captivating aroma that in our area is known as torta de Aranda.

Discover small village restaurants where traditional cuisine and a good spoon dish can take you to another dimension.

And don’t miss the Ribera del Duero wine. Visit its wine cellars, taste some of Spain’s most prestigious wines…

Without a doubt, Ribera del Duero’s wine and food offer is a great reason to take this rural getaway.


Don’t miss the traditional suckling lamb roasted in a wood-fired oven. Image: Ribera del Duero Wine Route


6- We are just a stone’s throw away


Places like Vadocondes, where our house is located, are only one hour from Burgos, less than two hours from Madrid, just over two hours from Bilbao and less than three hours from other cities.

In no time at all, you are in Aranda de Duero, Vadocondes or any of the nearby villages. And in just a short time you have gone from walking on asphalt between cars to walking barefoot on the grass in the garden, listening to the birds and breathing the fresh air of the village.


The Duero as it passes through Vadocondes


7- Supporting the rural world


Every time you escape to the rural world and stay for a few days in a rural accommodation, you are contributing to the local economy and helping to keep the village alive.

The aim of sharing our house was just that. To revitalise and add value to the rural world. To generate value in our village and in our environment.

And every time you or your family stay in a house like ours, you are contributing to the economy of that village. To make it a little more alive.



Walks near our house in Vadocondes


We hope that some of these reasons have convinced you. If so, we invite you to discover our house to enjoy that rural getaway to Aranda de Duero and surroundings.





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