Coliving – Coworking

Remote working is replacing working in the office.

And we don’t just mean that you work away from the office, you can work away from home – and far from the city.

Now, that’s true mobility.

The countryside is the perfect place to work away from the office, in a peaceful relaxed environment that helps you reconnect.

Leave the hustle and bustle of the big city behind. Enjoy the benefits of a more peaceful and sustainable environment.

It’s time to get your life priorities right, re-evaluate your professional goals, and spend more time on your free time and with your family.

Working close to nature lets you disconnect completely, and increases your ability to focus on a project. Your productivity and creativity increase. With extra productivity you spend less time working, and have more free time – to use as you wish.

Remote Work in a Rural House at La Ren Lecrés

Our house is a perfect coliving space in the small country village of Vadocondes. The village has a population of 400 in heart of the Ribera del Duero. A rural oasis where you can work, share and colive in the peace and tranquillity of a rural environment. 

Combine your work with your down time. Go for long walks in the countryside, and get to know the local community and environment. 

Here we work hard, but we also know how to enjoy life.

Our house is for you if you are:

  • A professional looking to disconnect in a rural environment, spending more time with your family while you are working remotely
  • A digital nomad who wants to share space with other nomads and freelancers to connect and inspire yourselves with parallel projects
  • A business team working remotely at a distance, and who meet up to reconnect or do team building retreats. Team buildings retreats with your colleagues or your team can be a very effective way of creating a sense of team, developing more productive relationships and improve communication and cooperation. In addition to breathing the fresh air in a rural environment.


Digital nomads, entrepreneurs, startups, creators and makers, work colleagues, nature lovers….

We want our house to be more than a place to work and relax, we want it to be somewhere with an openminded atmosphere. Somewhere to collaborate with other professionals in a rural setting that promotes both personal and professional growth. A great quality of life in a natural environment. Sharing stress free moments with no pollution, or traffic jams.

Feel more comfortable than in your own home in specially designed modern  accommodation in a rural environment.

Connect with the rural world.

Do you want to transfer your office to the countryside?

What you will have in our house

  • Possiblity of organised activities.
  • High Speed Fiber Optic Wi-Fi.
  • Fully furnished and equipped, with modern decoration.
  • Dedicated work space.
  • Peaceful rural environment.
  • Garden with swimming pool, garden plot and BBQ.
  • In the heart of the village, and a stone’s throw from nature and the beauty of the Ribera del  Duero.
High-Speed Wi-Fi Work Area for Events

If you are working remotely, why not try something new? Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, and find a new way to share space, meals, ideas and experiences. 

Why remote work in the city?

Do it from our house. In the heart of the countryside.

La Ren Lecres is much more than accommodation, it is a place to disconnect in order to connect. What’s more, it is a pioneer in the proposal of Coliving-Coworking, options that are still very difficult to find in this country. It offers the possibility of working and enjoying time with people on the same wavelength and with similar projects.



Do you rent individual rooms?

No, we rent the whole accommodation. You can rent the apartment, the house, or both spaces together.

Do you organise any activities?

We can help you organise activities, help with the logistics or give you ideas, from wine tastings, winery visits, massage, bike rental, catering…

Are the garden and pool shared space?

Both the apartment and the house have independent entrances, from different streets. Both buildings have access to the garden, and an independent outside area with a table, chairs and plants to give a sense of privacy. The garden, the pool and the BBQ are spaces that are shared.

Can we book exclusive use of the amenities?

Yes, we offer the possibility of booking the whole complex (house and apartment), and this way you have exclusive use of all amenities.


Select accommodation: Whole complex | The House | The apartment

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