Photo Shoot for the Wine Route

Publicado el día 17/03/2023

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Family Photo Shoot

Family photo sessions in Ribera del Duero are a beautiful way to create lasting memories, celebrate special occasions, capture the growth of children, strengthen family ties, document unique moments, immortalise the family, encourage creativity and create a personalised and emotional gift.

And if we do this in such special surroundings as our estate and in nearby places where we can capture outdoor and indoor moments, we can capture the essence of the estate and Ribera del Duero in the photographs. Using natural light, capturing the relaxed atmosphere, using the natural beauty of the area to create unique and impressive images.

Photo Shoot in Ribera del Duero gives you unique moments to remember.


Casa rural con vistas a bodegas y enoturismo

La Ren Lecrés a large space to enjoy with the family

Our environments give us the option to capture these moments in different spaces and enjoy a beautiful day together with a family and their pet.

Here are some ideas for a photo shoot in a luxury estate in the Ribera del Duero:


We are in the heart of Ribera del Duero and are surrounded by extensive vineyards that create a beautiful natural setting. Use the vineyards as a backdrop for your photographs and capture the different tones of the grapes as they ripen.


The traditional and designer wineries in Ribera del Duero are magical places full of oak barrels and wine bottles. Use the natural light coming through the windows to get artistic images of the bottles and barrels.

Interior of the estate

Las Fincas has two luxurious houses in the Ribera del Duero in a rural setting with a decoration that refers to the place as its stave sculpture and an architecture that evokes the history and tradition of the area. Photograph the architectural details, fireplaces, lamps, furniture and paintings to create an intimate atmosphere.

Gardens and orchard

A green space almost all year round, with a vegetable garden in spring and summer, a large garden with swimming pools and barbecue. Take advantage of the quiet and natural atmosphere of these spaces to get relaxed and natural photographs.


Ribera del Duero is known for its spectacular sunsets. Take advantage of the golden hour to capture photographs with a warm and soft light that will highlight the ochre and golden tones of the landscape.

Paisajes de la Ribera del Duero, turismo familiar a menos de dos horas de Madrid

Landscapes in the Ribera del Duero

Outdoor Activities 

We are in the Sendas del Duero in Ribera del Duero offer a wide range of outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, horse riding and canoeing. Include some photos of the family enjoying these activities to add a more personal touch to the photo shoot.

Casa con piscina privada en Aranda de Duero

Embarcadero del Duero in Vadocondes, 10 minutes from Aranda de Duero.

Remember that a few days with the family in a relaxed environment is a wonderful gift to be captured, organise your stay with a photo session.

The photos included are a photo shoot organised by La ruta del vino in our space La ren Lecres with two professionals Paco Santamaria and 13 grados.

Photographs can be a special gift for loved ones and a family photo session can be a way to create a personalised and emotional gift. Come and join us !

Paisajes en la Ribera del Duero

Views of the Douro River from the Vadocondes wharf


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