7 charming villages in Ribera del Duero

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In Ribera del Duero, the fusion of culture, history and wine invites you to live an unforgettable experience.

Although many travellers come to the region with the purpose of tasting some of the best wines in the world in the wineries of Ribera del Duero, there are also those who wish to explore the authenticity and charm of the villages that make up this wine-producing region.

If this is your case, you have come to the right place, because in Ribera del Duero you can enjoy a beautiful tour of its picturesque villages.

We have already introduced you to some of the places to visit in Ribera del Duero in our blog. But in this article, we show you 7 charming villages in Ribera del Duero that are less known and that you cannot miss on your next visit to Ribera del Duero.

From the spectacular medieval architecture of Peñaranda de Duero, to the natural beauty and heritage of Haza and Maderuelo, to the impressive historical and cultural heritage of San Esteban de Gormaz and Caleruega.

We invite you to discover with us the authentic Ribera del Duero through these villages full of charm and personality.

We assure you that after reading our selection, you will want to visit each one of them.

1- Peñaranda de Duero

Peñaranda de Duero is a charming town that will transport you back to medieval times thanks to its impressive architecture and rich history.

When you arrive, the first thing that strikes you is the imposing Castle of Peñaranda de Duero, a medieval fortification built in the 15th century that is in an excellent state of conservation. The castle offers spectacular views of the town and the surrounding area. Don’t miss the climb.

Take a stroll along the Playa Mayor beach, the Collegiate Church of Santa Ana and through the historic centre, full of picturesque buildings and houses.


vistas peñaranda duero

Views of Peñaranda de Duero from the top of the castle. We already told you it was worth the climb

2- San Esteban de Gormaz

San Esteban de Gormaz – in the province of Soria – is another charming village in Ribera del Duero and a place of great cultural and historical interest, due to its strategic importance during the Middle Ages and its Romanesque heritage.

Gormaz Castle, considered the largest Moorish castle in Europe during the Middle Ages, stands out.

Strolling through its streets you will find monuments of great importance such as the church of San Miguel, one of the oldest buildings in San Esteban de Gormaz and the oldest Romanesque church preserved in Soria. It is a real gem with its impressive Romanesque façade and rich interior decoration.

And if you like Romanesque art, here you will also find the Romanesque Theme Park, where you can discover the Romanesque architecture of the whole of Castile-León with models.

san esteban de gormaz

3- La Vid

La Vid is a small and charming village in the Ribera del Duero where the main protagonist is the Monastery of Santa María de La Vid. This beautiful Cistercian monastery founded in the 12th century, on the banks of the Duero River, has an impressive library and a museum that can be visited. It is a truly spectacular place, so make a note of it on your route.

Monasterio de la Vid

4- Gumiel de Izán

In Gumiel de Izán you will not only find numerous wineries to visit, but also a charming historic quarter, listed as a Historic-Artistic Site.

Strolling through the streets of this charming village, you will find several historic buildings such as the Town Hall, the Church of Santa María de Gumiel de Izán and some sections of the medieval wall.

There is also a tourist route that takes you to several hermitages located around the village.

Gumiel de Izan

5- Caleruega

Caleruega is a small village included in the list of the “Most beautiful villages in Spain” that will captivate you with its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

The Plaza de Santo Domingo square is the nerve centre of the town and nearby you will find spectacular places of great historical and artistic interest, such as the Royal Monastery of Santo Domingo de Caleruega, the Torreón de los Guzmanes tower and the Romanesque church of San Sebastián.

There are also numerous footpaths in the surrounding area, such as the Las Loberas footpath, of great importance in popular architecture.


6- Haza

Haza is a small village, ideal if you are looking for a quiet and charming place to enjoy the natural beauty and rural architecture of the Ribera del Duero.

Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, Haza is one of the heritage jewels of the province of Burgos and a great unknown.

Haza was a strategic place in the Middle Ages and still conserves the remains of its walls and a large part of its medieval layout. The church of San Miguel, built in the 12th century, is the town’s most outstanding monument.

The surroundings of Haza are also ideal for enjoying nature. There are several hiking routes that will allow you to discover the landscapes of the Ribera del Duero, especially the vineyards and cereal fields.


7- Maderuelo

Maderuelo, in the province of Segovia, is another charming village.

Although it is not in Ribera del Duero, it is so close and so beautiful that we cannot fail to recommend it.

Surrounded by the impressive Linares reservoir and situated on a large hill, this village is one of the gateways to the Hoces del Río Riaza, a natural park of great beauty and home to one of the largest colonies of griffon vultures in Europe.

In addition to the great natural and scenic value of the surrounding area, Maderuelo is a historic-artistic site that is also on the list of “Most beautiful villages in Spain”.

Among the most outstanding sites are the Romanesque churches of San Miguel and Santa María, its network of noble houses with Templar symbols and the tower of the old castle.



If you are planning a holiday in the Ribera del Duero, be sure to include a visit to these charming villages.

And if you are looking for a place to relax, enjoy the peace and quiet and explore the beauty of all these beautiful and spectacular local villages, our house is the place to be. We are waiting for you!

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