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Grupo de niños paseando por el campo

Ribera del Duero is the perfect destination for a getaway or a family holiday.

There is plenty to see in Ribera del Duero with children.

Beautiful nature is the ideal setting for a host of activities. Charming villages and castles that will take you on a journey through history. And finger-licking gastronomy.


Barbeque in the garden of our house in Vadocondes

What to do in Ribera del Duero with children


  • Put your sense of smell to the test at the Museum of Aromas

The Aroma Museum is the only museum in Spain and Europe with aromas and smell as the main protagonists.

The museum is very interactive and educational. And a very original and fun way to play with smells as a family. You will find several themed rooms full of smells, where you can test your olfactory capacity with 92 different aromas.

The Museum is located in Santa Cruz de la Salceda, 16 km. from Aranda de Duero and 6 km. from our house in Vadocondes.

  • Travelling to the Middle Ages in the Castle of Peñaranda de Duero

Peñaranda is a spectacular medieval village where, in addition to strolling around and getting lost in its streets, we recommend that you visit the castle that dominates the village on the top of the hill.

The castle of Peñaranda de Duero is in a very good state of conservation and maintains its robust walls, its moat, its parade ground and its towers with slender battlements, among which the Torre del Homenaje (Homage Tower) stands out. The interior of this tower houses the Castle Interpretation Centre. A museum that shows us what life was like in the Ribera del Duero during the Middle Ages.

The castle of Peñaranda is child-friendly and has spectacular panoramic views.

It is only 12 km. away from our house.


  • Playing with your hands in the children’s pottery workshop in Peñaranda

A different plan to stimulate the creativity of the youngest members of the family can be found at the A Cántaros workshop.

The A Cántaros Pottery Workshop is an artistic space in Peñaranda de Duero, dedicated to traditional handmade pottery in which they have rescued techniques that have fallen into disuse.

They hold different 1-hour workshops for children to introduce them to the potter’s wheel, including firing and the pieces that they can take home with them.

It is essential to book in advance


  • Continue travelling through history in the Castle of Peñafiel

If you like castles, another essential option is the castle of Peñafiel, in the province of Valladolid.

Imagining stories of knights, running around the castle walls or visiting the wine museum inside the castle can be an irresistible plan if you visit Ribera del Duero with children.


Peñafiel. Image: Ribera del Duero Wine Route

  • Visiting one of the underground cellars in Aranda de Duero

Visiting one of the underground cellars of Aranda de Duero with children is a real adventure.

Under the subsoil of this city is a spectacular network of 7 km. of cellars and caves 13 m. underground.

As a family, you will learn not only the history of wine, but also the history of this incredible network of caves dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries.

Historic Don Carlos Winery. Image: Ribera del Duero Wine Route

  • Horse riding

In Aranda de Duero there are two equestrian centres for horse riding.

The La Galinda Equestrian Centre and the El Hontanar Equestrian Centre. Both centres offer classes to learn how to ride a horse and the possibility to go on horseback rides and excursions in the surrounding area.

  • See Griffon vultures

In the north of the province of Segovia, very close to the border with Burgos, just 12 km. from our house, you will find the Hoces del río Riaza. A natural park of spectacular beauty and a huge canyon 150 metres deep.

The main protagonist of this park is the griffon vulture. The park is home to one of the most important colonies in the Iberian Peninsula and in Europe. Around 1,300 vultures nest on its cliffs.

If you take a walk along one of the park’s trails you will be able to spot the vultures and see where they nest.

The park covers an area of 6,470 hectares belonging to the municipalities of Montejo de la Vega de la Serrezuela, Valdevacas de Montejo and Maderuelo.

Montejo de la Vega houses the refuge for birds of prey founded by Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, as well as the Park House.


Image: Ribera del Duero Wine Route


  • Discovering the archaeological remains of Ribera del Duero

The Rauda Vaccea Archaeological Park, located in the town of Roa de Duero in Burgos, is a large interpretation centre located next to the archaeological site of Roa.

The archaeological classroom recreates the succession of cultures that have passed through Roa since 2,500 years ago. You can discover with your family how they lived from the first hunter-gatherer societies of the Palaeolithic and Neolithic, through the early Iron Age and the Vaccean culture, to the Roman Rauda.

The park is adapted for all ages and is very educational, interactive and fun. It is advisable to book a place for the visit.

If you want to continue discovering the archaeological heritage of the area, you can continue your route through Clunia Sulpicia. A Roman city located between the towns of Coruña del Conde and Peñalba de Castro, in the south of the province of Burgos. Clunia was one of the largest and most important cities in Roman Hispania.

  • Enjoying the tranquillity of the village

Villages such as Vadocondes, where our house is located, are the ideal place to spend a few days in Ribera del Duero with the family. Surrounded by the peace and quiet of the rural environment.

You can enjoy cycling around the village. Or on the jetty next to the river Duero, where you can also go canoeing. Play in the pelota courts in the village, or in the playgrounds of the two local parks. Have a picnic in the open air in the recreational area next to the Puente Seco…

If you stay at our house, you can also learn with your family how to farm depending on the time of year and ride a tractor.


Playing with bikes in Vadocondes

  • Staying in a house with a swimming pool

Enjoying a house with swimming pool in Ribera del Duero is a perfect plan to spend a few days with the family.

Our house has a large garden, barbecue and swimming pool. It is an ideal house for a family reunion, bringing together the whole family, grandparents, grandchildren, cousins… Or for a few days holiday with children.

casa-piscina-vadocondes-aranda-dueroOur house with swimming pool in Vadocondes, near Aranda de Duer.

From the house, you can also do any of the above activities and make short excursions as all the places we have recommended are within walking distance.

Would you like to spend a few days with your family in Ribera del Duero?

Take a look at our house



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